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Terms of Business

We arrange regulated mortgage contracts and for making arrangements with a view to regulated mortgage contracts, under Part IV of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

Our Services

We will offer information on a range of mortgage products which may meet your needs based on the information which has been provided to us. We provide information from the whole of the market and will arrange for you to make an application.

Full details of any product we may arrange for you, for example the minimum duration of the product, information on the right to cancel or whether no right to cancel arises, and any other early termination rights and penalties, will be covered in the relevant product disclosure information you will receive before the conclusion of the contract.

Any products we have arranged for you, will not be kept under review. However, we may contact you in the future by means of an unsolicited promotion should we wish to contact you concerning a product or service which we feel may be of interest to you.

You or we may terminate our relationship at any time without penalty.

Your Protection

You have no right to cancel a regulated mortgage contract once concluded other than by redemption; however, you may cancel a mortgage application at any time; you will be informed of any charges for cancellation before your application is submitted. If you have requested and paid for a valuation, home buyers or structural survey, which has already been completed when your request to cancel is received, the fees for the survey will not be returned. Any other sums received will be returned within 30 days of receipt of your notification to cancel.

In most cases you can exercise a right to cancel, by withdrawing from the contract purchased though us. In general terms you will normally have a 30 day cancellation period for a life policy and a 14 day cancellation period for all other policies. The start of the cancellation period will normally begin, for pure protection policies, when you are informed that the contract has been concluded or, if later, when you receive the contractual terms and conditions.

Any products or services provided by us will be subject to the laws of the United Kingdom.

All communications will be provided in the English language.

Data Protection

We will keep all your personal information private and confidential, even when you are no longer a customer, except where disclosure is made at your request or with your consent. Under the terms of the Data Protection Act, you have the right to view any personal data we may keep on you.

In order to process your mortgage application it may be necessary to disclose your information to third parties, such as the Financial Conduct Authority or obtaining compliance advice. Some of these parties may hold this information indefinitely. You agree that personal information held by us may be disclosed on a confidential basis and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 to any such third parties. You also agree that this information may be transferred electronically, e.g. email, and you agree that ourselves, or any such company, may contact you in future by any means of communication which we consider appropriate at the time.

This website may use "cookies" which are small pieces of computer code that identify you as a unique user. These cookies are stored on your hard drive. Cookies do not contain any personal information about you. We may use cookies to measure site usage and related information and may disclose information collected to third parties but only in aggregated statistical form.

Your Consent

I have read the above terms and conditions and fully consent to the terms imposed and I authorise the transfer of information, on a confidential basis when fully warranted between any such third parties. I acknowledge that the Terms of Business letter will come into effect from the date of issue. I also confirm that I am happy to give Share to Buy Ltd my express consent to contact me concerning my mortgage in the future.